Artist Bio: Immortal X 


“What makes music larger than life is its profound ability to physiologically impact those around us. With a vision based on unity and community, Immortal X set out on a selfless mission to empower others.” 

‘Immortal X’ is a Pennsylvania-based hard rock/metal project led by Anthony Jackson aka Jaxon. For them, music serves not only as a vessel for expression. It’s also a platform capable of providing the life force that guides us through hard times. That force is inspiration. 

Jaxon has been making music since 2005, which was when he first picked up the guitar. The project ‘Immortal X’ would materialize in 2017, when him and drummer Greg ‘BRNS’ decided to turn their riffs into fleshed-out songs. Curveballs were thrown, bad hands were dealt, but even through adversity, the project continued in Jaxon’s home studio, and was now joined by Takis Koroneos (guitars), Perina Vrhovac (piano/keys) and Cayla Fox on vocal duties. 

2019 looks to be a busy year for Immortal X, as they gear up for the release of their 5-track EP entitled ‘Nightmare Nevermore’. Going forward, they will be setting the wheels in motion for their full-length album, which they anticipate to drop sometime next year.

-Written by Producer Hive